Code and table the themes of the provided (attached) interview transcript Using

Code and table the themes of the provided (attached) interview transcript

Code and table the themes of the provided (attached) interview transcript
Using examples from the text and other course resources, your task this week is to devise a scheme to code and categorize your transcript data (Please see the attached Interview Transcript) in a disciplined manner to uncover at least four major themes from the interview data. Spend time with the transcript and use comments in the margins, color coding, and other methods to identify key concepts discussed during the interview. Then, categorize your codes. Identify themes and organize them with participant quotes as evidence into a table. For example, in an interview about workplace conflict, you may see repeated themes of anger or frustration. You may note issues related to power or leadership. Your participant may have reflected on interpersonal communication challenges. Perhaps in hindsight, the participant noted issues of regret or relief. Your participant may also recall lessons learned from the conflict and its resolution.
For this assignment, you will submit two files:
Your coded interview transcript
A table of themes with evidence from the interview data
In coding your interview data, you may use any system that works for you. A simple approach is to use color-coding in Microsoft Word with a code key. An example (please see the attached) is provided using this format. Please take a few minutes to review the example. It includes guidance at the top to illustrate how you might approach developing themes from the coded data.
The table of themes must include a minimum of four themes identified from your coded interview data with direct quotes from the transcript presented as evidence and cited by line number. You may use any format you prefer for your table of themes. An example (Please see the attached) is provided that can be used as a template if you’d like. Member checking is not a required component of this assignment, but if you engage in member checking, please indicate so in your table of themes.
As you work on this assignment, keep in mind that codes and themes are not the same. You will have a larger number of codes that will be grouped into fewer categories used to develop themes. You will normally have codes that end up not being part of a theme.

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