common predictors

Each paper must be 3–5 pages in length not including the title page, abstract page, and reference page. Each paper must be supported by at least 3 scholarly sources cited in current APA format. You will use references from both textbooks and outside peer-reviewed sources. The peer-reviewed sources must be chosen from PsycArticles or a similar search format from the Liberty University Online Library. Please consult the Analysis Papers Grading Rubric for this assignment.
Identify common predictors of adolescent drug and alcohol use indicated by the research presented in the textbook. List and describe 2 family-related, 2 peer-related, and 2 individual characteristics/variables that have been shown to be correlated with drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence. Discuss the connections between each system risk factor and information regarding at-risk youth (i.e. family correlations of substance abuse connected to parenting issues).
You will use your textbook and the Clinton et al. text as your references in addition to 2 other scholarly sources. you must use :Clinton, T., Clark, C., & Straub, J. (2010). The quick-reference guide to counseling teenagers. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, and McWhirter, J.J., McWhirter, B.T., McWhirter, E.H. & McWhirter, R. (2013). At Risk Youth: A Comprehensive response for counselors, teachers Psychologists, and Human Service Professionals (5th Ed.). Belmont, TN: Brooks/ Cole Publishing Co. and three other scholarly sources. must be original and not plagiarism and must be on point and correct and I need it done by saturday February 20, 2016 at 11pm
grading rubric ANALYSIS PAPERS GRADING RUBRIC Student: Elements Criteria Points Possible Points Earned Instructor’s Comments Introduction • Does a clear thesis statement exist? • Is the topic being addressed clearly stated? • Does the introduction provide a clear overview of the paper’s contents? 10 Content • Are the points noted in the assignment thoroughly discussed? • Are these points critically analyzed? • Is the analysis thorough? 50 Conclusion • Does the conclusion offer a good summary of issues treated in the paper? 10 Materials/ Sources • Are your references properly cited and quoted in current APA format? • Are any peer-reviewed sources fewer than 10 years old? 10 Structure • Are the transitions between paragraphs and sections clear? • Are proper headings used, if appropriate? • Is the treatment of the topic logically oriented and well organized? 10 Style • Does the paper use current APA format correctly? • Is the paper without spelling and grammatical errors? 10 Total 100