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Community Corrections
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Hi everyone, hope all is wel

Community Corrections
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Hi everyone, hope all is well…
Corrections is divided into two sections – Institutional Corrections (Jails and Prisons) and for this week Community Corrections – Probation, Parole and Diversion programs.
Community corrections allows offenders to spend all or part of their sentence in the community through a wide range of programs and practices, including probation, parole, work and study release, community service, house arrest, registers and tracking, electronic monitoring, and vocational, educational, and drug treatment programs. Individuals who are allowed to take part in community corrections are generally nonviolent offenders or offenders judged to be low risk.
The advantages of community corrections are that offenders can maintain ties to family and the community while serving their sentence and not become socialized to an institution. By reducing the prison and jail populations, community corrections save costs for local, state, and federal government. But public opinion resists the idea of releasing offenders, especially sex offenders, into the community—and politicians often follow the lead of public opinion in the legislation they write concerning corrections.
Despite the lower recidivism rates achieved in community corrections, and today’s push for “justice reinvestment” or reallocation of institutional savings to community-based treatment and other services it appears likely that incarceration will continue to be the sentence of choice.
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1. Review the attached PP below and Read chapter 13:
Masters_3e_PPT_Ch13.pdf Download Masters_3e_PPT_Ch13.pdf
2. Watch the below video of a parole hearing:

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Charles Manson Video (If you don’t know who Manson is, you can do an internet search for background)
3. Do an internet search of “California Megan’s Law database” for sex offenders in your city. Take a sniping tool or snapshot of your screen area and link it to your discussion post. For example, I live in San Clemente and you can see from my link below that I have 17 offenders in my area. You can use your home address or the school address or some other location like your work.
How many offenders are in your area? You can also see individual offenders by clicking on them.
Anyone you would be concerned about? Why? Why not?
MegansLaw.JPGDownload MegansLaw.JPG
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