Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy

Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy
After thoroughly reading Chap 9, research a company (NOT a nonprofit) that is NOT discussed in the chapter and is NOT one of the case studies this semester. Your Memo should fully discuss their Values Statement and philanthropic community efforts (mission and vision statements are not the same as a Values statement) in one full paragraph. In your second full paragraph, state what ethical values, stakeholder impacts, and CSR aspects are included/missing in that Values Statement. How has your chosen company been covered regarding their values and practices in the news (newspapers, online websites – cite these references as well) to demonstrate this company’s values commitment to a specific community/ies?
*Make sure the company you choose is Not mention in the chapter and the case studies in the attachment.
*The company has to be profitable . Do Not choose “Not profitable company”.
* make sure you cite the chapter 9 and othe

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