Compare & Contrast Franklin D. Roosevelt And Herbert Hoover

Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) was elected to four terms as President.  That is longer than any other President, serving 12 years before his death in 1945.  He was President during two very difficult times in our history, the Great Depression and World War II. Try to get a feel for the frustrations that Hoover felt as the situation worsened and the challenges facing FDR as he began his first term.
I want you to play the explanation game.That is where you observe details  and attempt to explain them in a way that helps you understand the total picture.  In this case I want you to  compare and contrast the respective approaches of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt to the issues and problems of the Great Depression. This will require details on the New Deal, its successes and failures.  You also need to show what Hoover did at the beginning of the depression and how it did or did not work. Try to explain the difference in the two men’s political philosophy.

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