Compare/Contrast Essay Reflection

COMPARE AND CONTRAST NOT PERSUASIVE. Make sure to answer the prompt questions in Part 1, and the questions under the “Prewriting and Planning” header in Part 2. The goal for this week’s forum is to reflect upon the Compare/Contrast Essay, and to transition into the Persuasive Essay. In the Persuasive Essay, you will take on the role of an advocate, arguing for one side of an issue. Part 1: Compare/Contrast Essay Reflection Think about your experience with writing the Compare/Contrast Essay assignment. Consider the following questions: What method of prewriting did you use, and do you feel that this method was effective? What was your experience in drafting the essay? (Consider both the act of writing and the circumstances that helped or hindered your process.) What might you do differently next time? Are you proud of how the essay turned out in its final form? Part 2: Bridging to the Persuasive Essay Essay Synopsis In the Compare/Contrast Essay, you compared two different leadership styles, organizational structures, or cultures in the realm of health care. For our final essay, you will practice the skill of advocacy – an essential skill for an effective nurse and citizen. Choose one of the following: Advocate that one of the elements that you compared or contrasted in your last essay is the best choice, correct option, or the “way to be.” You may also persuade your audience about some smaller aspect of the element about which you are writing. Examples: If you chose to write about how Jewish and Muslim cultures approached death, perhaps you will research further and find the best practices in dealing with all families when their loved one is dying. If you wrote about two organizational models of hospitals in your Compare/Contrast paper, you could research the World Health Organization’s recommendations for how a hospital should be run, and persuade the reader of the best choice. Ultimately, your task is to persuade the reader to see your point of view about a particular topic. NOTE: While you may include some small portion of your work on the Compare/Contrast Essay, these should be kept to a minimum; instead, re-work your ideas such that they are aligned properly with your new thesis statement. If you don’t feel strongly about one or the other side of your Compare/Contrast Essay, choose another topic related to health care that you feel strongly about. This could be related to health care technology; law, regulation, or policy; a new safety procedure; or something else. Whichever topic you choose, your essay must include the following: At least two direct quotations from reliable sources At least two paraphrases from reliable sources A total of at least three unique sources, cited and referenced properly A clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. A strong organization of your ideas. A references page with the full reference details for the resources you have chosen to use.