Complete this section according to the following document Descriiption Building

Complete this section according to the following document

Complete this section according to the following document
Building on your organization design, you will begin to put numbers to the activities you have planned for your new business. In this assignment, you will create a financial plan based on your best knowledge of how your enterprise will start and operate for its initial period, usually a year. It is recognized that this plan is based on your best guesses of capital needs, costs, and expenses. More importantly, this plan will help you determine how much money you will need to launch your business and operate it. Once you have evaluated the capital you need your next step is to find the start-up money for the new venture. This is always a major concern for an entrepreneur. Based on your budget plans, how much money and other resources will you need for your start-up? Where will you find these resources? In your initial post, briefly describe your resource needs for your new enterprise and describe the potential sources of such resources.
Submit a paper where you do the following.
Prepare the pro forma financial statements.
Based on your best understanding at this point, you will prepare a consolidated balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and income statement for the first year.
Explain your pro forma statements in an accompanying document.
Along with these pro forma financial statements, you will prepare an explanation discussing how you arrived at the various figures.
Provide a list of your top three choices to secure funding for your business idea. Be sure to discuss why you have made this choice.
Explain what strategy you will use to entice investors to invest in your project and why you chose this strategy.
Identify and analyze your venture’s critical success factors and determine what your medium and long-term goals are for your business.
Evaluation and Feedback
Funding Choices will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall.
Graded Item % of Final Grade
Prepare a pro forma including a balance sheet, statement of cash flow, and an income statement describing the financial position of the organization at the end of the year /20
Provide an explanation of how you arrived at these figures /15
Identifies three possible sources for funding the proposed idea and why these sources are a good fit for the project. /15
Articulates a clear strategy to entice investors for investing in the project /10
Identifies the business’ critical success factors /15
Identifies medium and long-term goals for the business idea /15
Demonstrates good organization, including a strong introduction and conclusion /10
Total /100​

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