Consumer Products Retailing

DQ2, Group2                        Monday          7 May                        presentation & slides
Briefly explain the different exchange rate regimes, benefits and disadvantages of each to companies. Show how, from resource-based view, MNEs are exposed to exchange rate risk and why it is important to develop capabilities to combat those risks.
For United States and South Korea, discuss the exchange rate regime adopted in each. State the kind of risk or problems the consumer products retailing industry might face in each country due to its exchange rate regime. What kind of strategies a consumer products retailing firm can use to minimize risks associated with exchange rate?
Suppose Sultan Center wants to get involved in your two countries (or increase involvement if they already are there). Given the exchange regimes there, what is the best way for Sultan Center to minimize risks, if any exist?
**The assignment needs to be a powerpoint not in essay form. The powerpoint needs to presentable with picture and not just a wall of text.**

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