Contemporary Issues in IT (E-Learning and Online Education)

We are living in a digital age which is changing very fast. Obviously, these changing technologies
are bringing several issues with them. You are supposed to keep yourselves abreast with these
issues. You are advised to search the Web to learn about the latest issues.
What are Educause’s top 10 IT issues and technologies of 2016?
Issue No. 10: E-Learning and Online Education
You can further advance your search and find other issues. After finishing your research, you are
expected to produce a report, not less than 2000 words, on any one issue.
Your report should contain:

  1. a) Introduction of the issue.
  2. b) Importance of the issue in higher education.
  3. c) Literature study of the issue.
  4. d) Technology and tools available related to the issue.
  5. e) Your conclusion related to this issue.