Corporate Conspiracies (WorldCom scandal)

Corporate Conspiracies Essay
MINIMUM LENGTH: 2000 words, including abstract
“The chief problem of the financial crisis is that it has made inequality systematic and created two political
systems, one for Wall Street and one for everybody else, a financially torturable class.” (Taibbi 264).
Essay Requirements:
1.  Write about WorldCom scandal. Write an analysis explaining how it happened, who
the conspirators and other stakeholders were, consequences for the conspirators, and whether such events can be prevented in the future. Students must focus on one major scam or “grift” to support your arguments;
2. An abstractof about 250 words, which counts towards the essay’s 2000-word minimum, must appear on page one.
3. Your essay MUST HAVE a two-part, academic title: a mix of abstract and concrete divided by a colon. It should be concretely tied to the topic; avoid vague or abstract titles that could apply to a bunch of topics.
4. At least six valid sources (including one graphic) are required in total. In the body of the paper, you must employ in-text (parenthetical) citation, MLA-style, to acknowledge the authors of quotes and paraphrases as they are introduced in the body of the paper.
*Avoid sources designed to lure customers.
Investment sites like The The Motley Fool offer superficial, and sometimes biased, coverage of business stories with intent to lure potential customers.
*Avoid general knowledge sources (no Wikipedia,, Infoplease, Questia, Bartleby, etc.).
These sites can familiarize you with the topic, but don’t cite from them: look to their listed sources for more detailed info.
can be excellent or sketchy, depending on the agenda and expertise of its creators–
scrutinize and verify any facts shared from one.
Research Questions
Use the questions below to help plan your essay. Do not simply answer these questions in a list but, rather, adapt them as needed to your chosen scandal, event, or conspirators. There may be more to say about one element than another.
When and where and how did the grift work?
Who were the alleged or proven perpetrators?
Who are the other stakeholders (people affected), narrowly and more broadly?
Who was impacted the worst by the scheme, and what did they lose?
What was the cost involved and who paid for it? What, if anything, has been restored to them?
What was the role of the government in this situation (officials, regulators, agencies, etc.)?
How have the perpetrators been punished, if at all?
What do you think these scandals say about corporate culture?
What steps need to be taken to prevent this from happening again?
Are there any current examples of something similar going on?

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