Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Create a Short story.Sure, he had enough things to feel proud,

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Create a Short story.Sure, he had enough things to feel proud, but they failed to meet Jacks great life expectations. Tony, his neighbor and secret enemy, was an epitome of success. Tony was everything Jack wanted to be. He was tall, well-dressed, successful, self-confident and humorous person who had all doors open for him.They worked at the same organization where Jack had the opportunity to observe how Tony climbed his career ladder. Jack remained an ordinary clerk when Tony was promoted again and again. Tony was loved, celebrated and appreciated when Jack was forgotten.Daily routine swallowed Jack and his thoughts. There were papers to be sighed and reports to be made up. There were piles of paper on his desk and a dozen of unread emails. Jacks depression was getting worse and worse with every thought which popped up in Jacks head. The invisible fight between Tony and Jack was over and Jack had to grasp his knockout.The day was over and Jack had to go home. When the doors of the elevator closed, he found himself standing in front of Tony with no other people around. The tension was increasing with every second. Jack could hardly control his despair and anger. he wanted to stop this humiliation of being so close to the person whom he hated most in his life.“You have everything I want to have in my life. When I look at your loving and beautiful wife and marvelous two kids, I understand that my life is completely empty. You might be the happiest person in the world. Sorry if I bother you.”The doors opened and Tony rushed to his car leaving puzzled Jack behind his back. He did not look at Jack and left the office building quickly. The situation was totally absurd, and Jack struggled to understand what had just happened. His role model and his greatest enemy turned into a secret admirer of Jacks humble family

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