Critical Analysis

Write a critical analysis on Chap.4 of Helen Ware book (Helen Ware, editor. 2007. The No-Nonsense Guide to Conflict and Peace) show a good grasp of the chapters by supporting the critique with other research articles. Discuss both the strengths and weaknesses in the author’s argument, along with implications for the conclusions he or she has reached. To achieve this objective, you would want to ask questions such as: • What are the strengths of this chapter? How might the ideas and perspectives help me to understand the workings of United Nations Security Council? • What are the limitations of this chapter? What does the author not say? What have I read that contradicts the author’s argument? How would that change the author’s argument? What questions am I left with after reading the chapter? • Does what the author says make sense in the “real” world? • Do I agree with the author’s views? Why? • Do I disagree with the author’s view? Why? (Do not simply dismiss the author’s view – state why you disagree and make reference to others who support your view.)