Culture and Performance

The essay will specifically concentrate on the Gezi Park Protests of 2013 that took place in Istanbul, Turkey against the ruling party (Justice and Development Party) in reaction to their recurrent abuse of freedom of speech and press, to the environmental issues that were raised by the ceaseless cutting down of trees to construct malls/luxury buildings. The peaceful protests aggravated the state and were dealt with by the terrorizing force of the police.
The Gezi Protests quickly became a symbol for hope and change across the country and the world, as well as being a major example for protest and resistance as an act of performance. The protests have been compared to the Occupy movement and the May 1968 Events, of which I will also discuss in relation to my essay question.
My essay title will address the question:
How do the Gezi Park protests exercise freedom of speech and expression in ways that confront and expose the abuse of governmental power? Discuss with an analysis of similar examples of protest and resistance.
My tutors notes on the essay and its contents – The final essay question and information about the outline:
First, please use the following essay title:
“How can performance create effective protests against the curtailment of freedoms by governmental powers in Turkey? Discuss through a critical analysis of 2-3 examples from the Gezi Park protests of 2013. What alternative performance tactics might be useful in this context?”
This is very similar to the title you suggested previously, but I’ve altered it to fit the assessment guidelines.
Keep in mind that the essay should contain three specific elements: first, an outline of the issue or problem (so this is where you would discuss the situation in Turkey in 2013 with reference to freedom of speech and expression); then an analysis of the performance elements of 2-3 protest examples and their potential effectiveness given the context previously discussed; and finally a section that proposes new or different performance tactics based on your analysis.

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