Culture, Ethnicity, and the Child

Culture, Ethnicity, and the Child
Exam III
(100 pt. assignment)
Choose any topic related to developing cultural competence or the impact of migration on children’s development.  Write a five-page response on the issue and incorporate a minimum of seven scholarly research articles in your paper.  Failure to follow instructions will result in a point loss of valuable points.   Also, make sure you turn in the assignment sheet with your assignment.
Article Critiques.
Students are to identify articles from a scholarly journal (see library website for details) and relevant topic based on instructor’s assignment and write a full five-page response to the topic.  Also, the paper must be typed, double-spaced, grammatically correct, reflect one-inch margins in all directions, and meet APA guidelines.
Assignment based on the following areas.  Point deductions will apply to any area not properly addressed in this assignment:
_____ Neatness, correct punctuation, grammar/spelling
_____ Key points noted for the article 
            _____ Utility of key points to professionals 
            _____ Relevance of the paper based on instructions
            _____ Ability to follow instructions 
            _____ Total Grade

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