Database Design Concepts

Database Design Concepts
1- Create a database.
2- Create the following table
3- Write a PHP program doing the following tasks:
a. Registration form: the username must be a unique name. If the username is exist in
the database, the program will show a message “Please choose another
Username”. If the user registration completed, the program will show a message
on the webpage “You have successfully registered!!!”.
b. Login form: Check if the username and password are correct or not by showing
either ” Your username or Password is wrong, please try again” or ” Welcome
to our Website” message.
c. Button: this button will retrieve all the data from database and show it on the
Write a report of 500 words explaining the steps of implementing this assignment with
screenshots of the code and database. In addition, discuss the challenges you faced and
how did you handle it.
Due Date:
Your submissions should be no later than (May 15, 2018)
Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of another person’s work as your own. This
includes copying from books without referencing the material or copying from another
student’s work.
Late Assignments
If your assignments are not submitted on time and you have not received an extension,
late assignment submissions will result in a penalty. A one week late submission results
in a 10% deduction on the assignment marking; while an assignment submitted between
1 and 2 weeks late will be subject to a 20% deduction on the assignment marking.
Submissions after two weeks will be considered a fail on the assignment

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