Define a Word, Term, Phrase, or Concept, in a Subject of Interest – Turns into J

Define a Word, Term, Phrase, or Concept, in a Subject of Interest –
Turns into J

Define a Word, Term, Phrase, or Concept, in a Subject of Interest –
Turns into Journal 5
Unit 2 – Definition
Write about a researchable topic and term, defining a word or phrase that is personal to your situation and area of thought. This is a topic and subject matter that concerns you and you crave more information and understanding about it. You would like to share your unique perception with others. You will need personal examples from your experience, observations, and perceptions to illustrate and assist in defining your term and approach to the subject matter.
COMMENT and add to the discussion of at least three other students. I would like you to pick an aspect of what the student is discussing and interact with it, offer ideas, and respond in a helpful way. Offer suggestions of research possibilities or areas to explore.
This discussion goes with the Definition essay assignment, Essay #2, and will morph into your Journal #3. You will take some of the things (or all) that you have said and transfer them to your Journal #3 document and expand your discussion there.
The next discussion #6 will align with Journal #4 and you will be adding researched information into your writing to enhance and support your information and statements. Same topic, now add more research and expand.
Your Mission:
Pick a term within a subject area and define it in your own words, adding experiences with that term and with the subject matter, itself.
Keep in mind that you will be researching the subject matter that you will be defining a term from, or one that applies to that subject. Usually, it’s a term or concept within that more general subject.
You will talk about an experience, incident, or event that stimulated the discussion and made you think., adding research information from at least three solid articles on the topic from the Delta College database.
Avoid abstract terms such as courage, bravery, loyalty, love, death, and other broad terms. You could invent terms within the larger concepts. Or you can explore a more narrow term that is specialized. Instead of love, then, you may explore the word “infatuation” — or the expression, “puppy love.” Do you see how that term is now narrower than the broad, abstract term of “love”?
For instance, choosing the term, “Puppy Love,” to explain infatuation and what can happen as a result, what it consists of, and what psychologists say about it, would be a good term to explore. That is much better than trying to tackle the huge area of LOVE, of which many types exist, and could not even begin to be defined in several volumes of books.
If you love music, for example, you may want to explore a particular term inside that subject area and apply it to your life in other ways, showing how the term and its components, and related concepts, work in tandem or parallel with what is happening in your life, or with a concept you are grappling with.

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