Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay
Please write 4-6 paragraph essay describing a person, place, thing or experience.

  • Include an Introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that announces your topic and purpose (What you are describing and why) should be argumentative.
  • Two (2) body paragraphs with your description that supports your thesis statement
    • Use sensory details
    • Use spatial details if needed
    • Paint a picture with your words- I need to be able to see in my mind what you are describing.
  • Concluding paragraph the wraps up your details and restates your thesis in some way

Use any notes you need, as well as, the textbook.
Please use standard written convention:

  • Indent paragraphs
  • Use periods at the end of sentences
  • Make sure each paragraph has at least 5 sentences and starts with a topic sentence
  • Make sure all your description relates directly to your thesis

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