Despite the best efforts of academics, little is known about the way policy is formulated.

Hi, I need help with essay on Despite the best efforts of academics, little is known about the way policy is formulated. Discuss. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!It (the policy) identifies and describes the approved and established courses for the adoption by the government and the organizations. Policy usually embraces all general goals, the acceptable procedures and the main actions that lead to the achievement of the goals. It’s (the policies) work is to provide a center for the formulation of policies/strategies,major plans, legislation and any other framework documents. They (policies) generally reflect on long term objectives and they are more subjected to revisions and modifications that are mainly based on the changed vision and goals (Chowdhury, 2003).The national document is a very large mandate which is normally enunciated by the major authority that governs the state with an intention of formulating certain acts and rules that are mostly applied towards the end of attaining the desired objectives. In order to achieve a good policy formulation there has to be a number of desirable steps that have to be followed generally for the purpose of achieving a good policy. Some of these steps include. agreements on how to set priorities, having a form of participatory process, national determination of having a clear goal, implementation arrangements that has clear cut task distribution and better monitoring of activities for major improvements of services and strategic information. When all these steps are followed a good policy gets to be formulated, these steps act as guidance (or even direction) in the policy formulation (Chowdhury, 2003).For the to be able to address a certain public predicament some polices have to be formulated. before the formulation of the policies some steps have to taken and they include. the proper identification of the problem, formulation of a policy adjustment, implementation of the adjusted policy and evaluation of how the adjusted policy is working so as

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