discussion post apa format please include a turn it in report or will be force

 discussion post apa format please include a turn it in report or will be forced to refund
Would Martin Luther Advocate for Changes to Michelangelo’s ‘The Fall and Expulsion from the Garden’?
Considering Martin Luther’s theological insights and Michelangelo’s artistic genius, we encounter an intriguing hypothetical scenario. If Luther had the opportunity to recommission Michelangelo’s iconic depiction of ‘The Fall and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden,’ how might his theological convictions influence his directions to the artist? This question invites us to explore the potential modifications Luther might request to better align the artwork with his views on sin, grace, and human nature.”
Discussion Prompt:
If Martin Luther Had the Opportunity, Would He Have Altered Michelangelo’s ‘The Fall and Expulsion from the Garden’?
Points to Consider:
Portrayal of the Three Figures: How do Luther’s writings and Michelangelo’s artwork differently represent Adam, Eve, and the serpent? Consider their expressions, actions, and the dynamics between them.
Representation of the Garden and the World Beyond: What does each interpretation suggest about the nature of Paradise and the realm outside it? Is the Garden depicted as an idyllic haven, and is the world beyond portrayed as a place of loss or opportunity?
The Snake’s Role: Examine the depiction of the serpent. Is it presented as a figure of fear and deception, or does it carry different connotations in each interpretation?
Humanity’s Response to Knowledge: Reflect on how Luther and Michelangelo convey the consequences of Adam and Eve’s decision to eat the forbidden fruit. Are they shown as corrupted by their disobedience, or is there an element of empathy for their pursuit of knowledge?
Organizing Your Response

Provide Two Proofs: In your response, you must draw upon two distinct examples from our module reading. For each, articulate a clear argument supported by an analysis that supports your overall position.

Use Direct Quotes: To strengthen your argument, include a direct quote of no more than ten words from our readings in both paragraphs.

Structured Analysis: Present your analysis in two separate paragraphs, one for both of your supporting examples..

ALuther would keep the artwork as is, appreciating its depiction of the biblical narrative.

BLuther would modify certain elements to emphasize the consequences of sin more strongly.

CLuther would start over entirely to align the artwork more closely with his theological views on grace and redemption.

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