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Please download the files associated with this Case Study and use them to solve the case.
When you are done, please upload the files to Canvas for grading.
You will deliver the following:
1. Word doc with Cover page, one-page Executive Summary, Appendix with charts and graphs.
2. Excel file to justify the decisions made in the case study.
Case Study 3: Dr. Pepper Bottling BUS 322
Dr. Pepper Bottling fills 12-ounce cans of soda during a normal production run. At various times, they will pull samples from the line and weigh them to make sure that the samples are filled correctly. This process, known as statistical process control, is done because overfilling costs the company money and under filling will upset loyal customers.
During one particular run, Dr. Pepper management took 800 samples to test if the fill levels were accurate. Management also knows from past experience that the population mean μ = 12.02 and standard deviation σ = 0.09. The samples are presented in the spreadsheet named Case Study 3.
By analyzing these samples, we can learn if our fill rates are correct. Otherwise, we will need to recalibrate the machinery. We know that the fill rate should be 12 ounces, thus the hypothesis is that the average is 12, as presented below.
H0: μ ≠ 12
Ha: μ = 12
Using this information, prepare a one-page executive summary of your findings. This summary will answer the following questions:
1. Is the sample size large enough to assume a normal distribution? How do you know?
2. The hypotheses for each of the samples at the 0.01 level of significance
3. Descriptive Statistics for each sample
4. The p-value for each sample
5. The limits around each sample such that if the samples stays within those limits, it can be considered to be properly filled. (Upper and Lower Control Limits).
6. Recommendation for each sample. IE, should we recalibrate the machine based on the findings in each sample?
When you are done, your finished product will have a Cover Page, Executive Summary, Charts and graphs to support your conclusion.
You may use the spreadsheets used as an example to help guide you.
Ill send a picture of the numbers

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