Dysfunction of the endocrine pancreas

The front page contains the following :
– Title: in the top, make sure it’s very large at least 16-18 font size
– Your name: font size 14
– The school name: font size 14
– date: font size 14
2- Introduction :  The introduction is broad to specific, just the opposite of that of the discussion. Now you are in a position to put your investigation into perspective. What was already known about the topic? were there any unanswered questions? why did you carry out this investigation? So as I mentioned earlier the introduction is very broad to specific. The introduction consists of two parts:
– Background information : subsequent paragraphs provide background information from the literature and described unanswered questions or inconsistencies. Make sure to use present tense when you stating the background. In the course of providing background information on your topic, you will discuss the scientific fact that is based on findings published in research papers. when describing a scientific fact, use the present tense. don’t forget the citation, you will need citation or reference that will support the description of the background
– The objective of the current study. when you state your objective use the past tense
4- Conclusion

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