Ensure to follow the instructions and comply with everything/ The Response Essa

Ensure to follow the instructions and comply with everything/
The Response Essa

Ensure to follow the instructions and comply with everything/
The Response Essay (Essay #3) Essay must be typed in MLA format.
Directions: after watching all 3 films and completing the Summar Essay (Essay #2) students were asked to take notes as they watched. For this essay I want students to Respond to ONE of the films of their choosing. How does the film relate to the American Dream? What are some of the similar risks each one of these communities. Although each one of these communities are distinctly different at a first glance, once we take a second look, we see the similarities each group share. Students should choose a topic that is one of the main focuses of the film. Build an argument for or against a quote used in the film.
Films to choose from:
The Epidemic
The Class Divide
Home Econonmics
Summarize. The thesis paragraph should include the source (name of the documentary and the narrator) what was the the topic, your I -statement and then your personal claim. Lastly, a sentence stating what you plan to discuss in your next paragraph.
For their thesis paragraph students should take a quote from the film that brings out the theme of the entire documentary, or at least a large part of what the student gleans from the film. Students should demonstrate their pathos for choosing this film (why does it matter to you)? As the standard, you will write a thesis paragraph which include the source, the claim (which is the quote) your I statement, followed by your personal claim. For this essay, I will also like you to include a statement of intent. What you intend to discuss in this essay. So, include the name of the film if you had not done earlier in the paragraph and what you plan to reveal throughout the essay.
What about the film that spoke to them and their goals for achieving the American Dream?
The following paragraphs should elobrate (expand) more of your thesis paragraph.
This essay should also include a counter argument which goes right before your conclusion. **Read Chapter 6 from They Say I Say if you have questions about how to plant a naysayer in your essay. The book provides templates to give you ideas to get you started.
Your conclusion, like your counter argument, should be a complete paragraph, and seperate from one another.
This essay should use quotes from the documentary. Students should refer to the Quotation Sandwich assingment to remember how to cite properly.
Student essay will be between 500-750 words.
Students will submit this assignment in a Word document for thier final draft.
If the submitted file is not able to open or read, the student will receive a zero for the assignment.
*** This is a Comprehensive Essay- meaning everything we discussed throughout the semester will need to be reflected in this essay.

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