Environment Justice

Environmental justice is not just an academic issue — it’s something that plays out every day in countless places around the world. As a college student, you should be reading a newspaper or news magazine several times a week. If you aren’t already, this class will be a good time to start! The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe are all good papers that often report on environmental justice issues. More specialized sources (such as National Geographic) are also acceptable, but the stories you use should have been reported in general-audience publications, not just in advocacy sources. For this paper, you will have to identify one news story about an instance of environmental justice or injustice. Your report/paper should then discuss: • What is the issue being reported? • Why is this an example of environmental injustice/justice? • What ought to be done to make the situation more just? All written assignments will: (1) Be typed; (2) include name, course number, assignment name and date; (3) include a reference section/page; and (4) use APA-style formatting. You should double-space your papers, use 1” margins, and 12pt. Times New Roman font. You should carefully check your papers for spelling and grammar. You should use sub-headings throughout the final paper.