Essay #1 Personally Informative Essay For this first essay you will be looking a

Essay #1
Personally Informative Essay
For this first essay you will be looking a

Essay #1
Personally Informative Essay
For this first essay you will be looking at a subject from both personal and academic acumen. Students will choose their own topic in which they will utilize a specific mix of logos, ethos, and pathos.
You must present your personal viewpoint within the context of the paper. The more facts and figure that you have to support your viewpoint the stronger your paper will be.
Create a strong opening thesis that will drive your informative topic home for your reader. Be sure to include your personal identity here as well, meaning WHY is this information importance and vital for your reader to comprehend.
Paper Length: 3-4 pages plus a Works Cited page, 3 sources, scholarly/peer reviewed plus your
text. AI, Wikipedia, encyclopedias or dictionaries are not accepted as sources.
Your introduction of the essay must be clearly discussed and you contextualized
the main points for the reader. This is brief, do not use up too much of your paper for this.
Your paper is well developed, fallacy free, and the reader could easily identify what the claim
was, its support, and the soundness of your call to action. How convincing are your sources?
You offered the reader textual evidence from the original source and were able to effectively
integrate this into your paper.
The paper is written using the college conventions of writing (free of sentence level errors, typos.)
The paper is at least 3 full pages, double spaced, written in MLA format, Times New Roman font (12) plus a
Works Cited sheet. Please proof your work.
Your paper cannot have more than 15% plagiarism report from TurnItIn.
Key learning outcomes:
Use concepts of composition with relation to understanding, evaluating and writing
about specific topics and information;
Understand and incorporate all aspects of the writing process – including prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading;
Edit your writing for the grammar and usage conventions appropriate to the project. Capacities/Goals #1, #2, #3, and #4.
Right this paper about this topic
Thesis: In my first paper, I’ll examine “The Impact of Social Media on Mental Well-Being.” This subject is significant because it has an immediate impact on people’s daily lives, including mine. I want to shed some light on how social media affects mental health and the moral conundrums that come with it by using credible sources like peer-reviewed research, psychology studies, and personal experiences. Despite diverging from my degree, it continues to be a significant issue in contemporary culture that needs to be addressed

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