Due Thursday, May 10
You are responsible for:
AGOC: Chapters 8, 10, 12, 13
ASOTS: Section 9: Resources; Section 8: Urban Economies and Societies
Canvas Readings:
GSA: Refugees Are Fleeing the Weather
Keefe: Buried Secrets
Specter: Extreme City: The Severe Inequality of the Angolan Oil Boom
Thurow: Empty Fields
Verini: The War for Nigeria
Extra credit: Lake Turkana (see me for information)
Using the text and the readings up to this period of the semester, provide your in-depth opinions regarding the future of Africa. Emphasis should be on climate change and relationships with China, focusing on how these two topics will affect Africa in the future. Use ALL of the assigned readings to support your opinions and insights.
This is the last essay and it will be graded with extra consideration for how well you incorporate the assigned readings into your own opinions. I would advise you to not cherry-pick single quotes from each article – talk about themes developed in the readings and how they apply to the overall topic of your essay.
No outside readings are allowed
Cite the readings in this manner: Blah blahblah (GSA, 76) or Blah blahblah (Specter, 76) – you do not need to include a separate bibliography. Please remember that paraphrasing must be cited and all quotes must be cited.
Here is a simple rubric for how your essays will be evaluated:
8-10 points: all assigned readings are discussed in depth and in the context of the essay question, and essay is original and well-constructed with very little summarizing and includes proper citations
6-7 points: all assigned readings are discussed, but essay lacks depth, context, and/or too much summarization (Note: this is a very common issue – keep in mind I am most interested in what YOU think and how you use the readings to support your opinions)
4-5 points: one or more readings missing from discussion; little depth; mostly a simplified summary of the readings
0-3 points: most readings missing from discussion; no depth or context, only a very basic summary of readings; unorganized and ignoring question in prompt, no citations

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