Ethics class, the book of eli

This semester, you will be required to view one (1) of the Ethical Movies I’ve posted online.  After viewing the movie, you’ll be required to answer the ethical questions that I’ve posted for each movie.  Your essay must be, at least, 1000 words and not more than 1500 words.
Since this is a Personal Reflection Essay, Internet Sources and a Work Cited page will not be accepted.  Neither is there a preferred format for this Term Paper…MLA and APA are both acceptable.  Additionally, grammar, spelling and punctuation count toward your grade – this is a Gordon Rule Writing assignment.  Finally, please refrain from writing a movie review.  That being said, you are free to make references to different scenes, in the movie, in order to make an ethical point.  But an ongoing movie review will result in a significant loss of points.
This essay is designed to test your ability to make a moral argument, either in favor of or against the moral dilemma presented to you by the accompanying ethical question.
The Link for this movie is: The Book of Eli (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
The ethical question for this movie is:  What role does faith play in ethical decisions regarding life and death?  In other words, was Eli justified in defending the weak by killing the strong who showed no regard for helpless and innocent life?

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