Ever wonder about how architecture is represented in science fiction, fantasy, c

Ever wonder about how architecture is represented in science fiction, fantasy, crime, drama, comedy, or anime films? This assignment has you critically engage with how architecture is represented and how it’s represented in movies. You will choose a movie (not a television show, series, or limited series) but a feature-length film, and answer the questions below. You then will submit these elements in a single page pdf (under 2MB) with the image of your film still and your responses to the following questions about your selection. Answer all three questions utilizing any information or terminology gained from your ARCH 151 coursework.
Choose one film. Your selected movie can be from any genre or period but the assignment requirements must represent and describe an architectural or urban scene. Capture one film still (screenshot) from your selected movie, and then include these and the following in your submission:
Film Still: Include a single image of your selected film (still or screenshot), its title, release date, and a sentence or two describing the setting and plot.
Architectural Space: Describe the architectural space in your selected scene, its formal and structural elements (walls, floors, ceilings, structure, openings, stairs), materials and lighting condition, shadows, and colors, etc.). (70-100 words) [5 points]
Scene and Action: Describe the scene and actions in the selected location. (70-100 words) [5 points]
Architectural Critique: Write an architectural critique of the selected scene describing how the architecture facilitates, empowers, or challenges the film’s narrative and its theme. (70-100 words) [5 points]
Please see the example here. Address all your questions to the course graders. You can see the rubric below for grading criteria.
Note: You are encouraged to read articles and reviews about your selected film, but your submission must be your own work. In case of intentional plagiarism, you will receive a failing grade on the assignment with no make-up opportunity.

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