Exam Content One of the best ways to understand the criminal justice process is

Exam Content
One of the best ways to understand the criminal justice process is to examine the work of the people who are on the frontlines. Law enforcement has a variety of roles and functions within your local community, and many are unaware of these roles and functions.

Imagine you have been asked to provide information to your community at a town hall meeting about the functions of your local police department. You have been asked to provide a handout to the people who attend.

Consider the research you completed in Week 1 on the following items:
The impact of policing in your community
Community programs offered by the police
Theories of criminal behavior that most align with the goals and programs of police in your community

Write a report to provide to the townhall meeting attendees in which you explain your findings. Respond to the following:
What is the mission of your local police department?
What goals does your local police department have? How do they work to accomplish these goals?
What are the various roles police play in your community? What is their impact?
How do your local police partner with citizens and other entities?
What community programs (e.g., D.A.R.E., Police Explorers) are offered by your local police department? Explain the programs, including the benefits they provide to society and the role the police play in these programs.
Which criminal theories (e.g., biological, psychological, and sociological) most align with the goals or programs you identified? (Refer to Ch. 3, “Explaining Crime,” in your textbook, as needed.)
Complete in APA Format – Review APA Sample Paper for proper format. All papers must have a title page, a reference page, and the entire paper must be double-spaced. The paper must also have properly formatted in text citations.
Submit your assignment as a Word or PDF attachment.

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