example from teacher:   Here is what I found when I completed my outline:  Thi

  example from teacher: 
 Here is what I found when I completed my outline:  Thi

  example from teacher: 
 Here is what I found when I completed my outline:  This is a straightforward chapter with a solid thesis, sections that line up easily, and terms that map out well.  1. The chapter thesis is in one place toward the end of the introduction.  2. Body paragraph 1 draws on “Market Revolution” (308).  Market economy is a good key term, for the other two choose diverse technologies impacting the transformation (five are key terms, any work).  3. Body Paragraph 2 points you to “Industrial Development” (319), Industrial Revolution can work, but it is better to use the other three because one of the main arguments in the chapter is that the whole US was transformed but not in the same way and three competing regions emerge.  The other three key terms in the section each deal with one of those regions.  4. Body paragraph 3 points to “Immigration” (330).  For this one there are two key terms, Nativists and Know Nothings, but the Know Nothings are an example of a nativist party do don’t use both.  Better to use “Irish Immigration” and “German Immigration” from 330-333 early in the paragraph, then discuss the nativist response with one of those.  5. Body paragraph 4 points to “Organized Labor and New Professions” (335).  National Trades Union and Professions are obvious, need one more from the discussion of teaching, Law, medicine, and women on 337-339.  Hope this helps, please reach out with any questions.  
Chapter 8: How did an emerging “market-based economy” transform America from 1815-1850?  In your answer be sure to address:
1. How changes in transportation and communication altered the economic landscape.
2. How industrial development impacted the way people worked and lived.
3. The ways immigration altered the national population and shaped politics.
4. The impact of the expanding market based economy on the lives of workers, professionals, and women.
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Chapter 8 Overview: Commercial AgricultureLinks to an external site.
A New “Market Economy”Links to an external site.
The Transportation RevolutionLinks to an external site.
The Communication RevolutionLinks to an external site.
Steamboats and RailroadsLinks to an external site.
The Industrial RevolutionLinks to an external site.
Irish and German ImmigrationLinks to an external site.
The Anti-Immigration BacklashLinks to an external site.

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