expat policy

As the HR manager in a medium sized Australian accounting company with joint venture investments in the United States, Brazil and Malaysia, write a company policy covering expatriate assignments. The policy should be based on leading practices, and cover selection, pre-departure, during assignment, and post assignment issues, including aspects addressed in Vance (2015) Chapters 6-10, as well as material from your readings.
Your company’s strategy is based on the provision of quality services at a competitive (but not the lowest) price. The company has a very strong equal opportunity culture, and the policy also needs to address issues relating to women and minorities.
The report needs to be written as a policy document, not an essay, but you must include in text references and a reference list indicating where you have sourced your best practice concepts. This list must include at least 12 quality articles (excluding the textbook). Five of the articles need to be from academic references; the remainder can be from reputable consulting company reports
Please refer to the given guide attached on how to reference in-text and for reference list and for the sample format

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