Fairy Tales

For this research paper, you will use your book on fairy tales for your source material.  Notice that the book contains not only fairy tale stories, but also introductory sections for each kind of story and literary criticism articles at the back.  All of your sources for this paper can come from this book.  You might also choose to use the handouts I’ve given you in class on gender and race and fairy tales.
Select a topic from this text that is of interest to you.  A good place to look for topics is in the criticism section of your book which I’ve pasted below:
list of criticism from Tatar
You might select a topic like Disney, gender in fairy tales, gender in Disney, the fairy tale as cautionary tale, tricksters, who owns fairytales?, etc.
Once you select a topic, you’ll want to read as much as you can about it and figure out what you’d like to prove in your paper.  Your thesis should be something that people might argue about, it shouldn’t be obvious.  I’ve noticed that in class we’ve debated the following arguments:
– are fairy tales good for children?
– are fairy tales racist or sexist?
– what does X story have to say about what is normal for children?
– oral tales change all the time, do they change to reflect worldview?
– has Disney changed the fairy tales for good or ill?
– what is the impact of turning an oral tale into a movie?
– what’s up with all the creepy violence and sex in fairy tales?

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