Fight Club Anarchism

Write a 7 page essay where you explain one political or philosophical argument at work in Fight Club. What types of political philosophies, learning style, or philosophies work together to shape the argument you have found in the book? With 1 quote minimum from Fight Club book per body paragraph.
Will be based on Anarchy and how it relates to Fight Club.
Research guidelines:
You must include in text citation for every direct quote and paraphrase you use.
You must include an analyze supporting evidence / quotations five academic, Library sources such as philosophical tracks, Journal articles, or excerpts from books.
Also one quote from your research on every body paragraph.
You may also use examples that you created on your own. Be sure to provide three to four sentences of analysis before moving on to your next piece of evidence. You still have to use required quotes.
Avoid longblock quotes.
MLA format.
Audience and purpose: imagine that your readers are educated people who may not understand the political or 10 the philosophies that I’m from Fight Club. You’re focusing on the most compelling argument you have about what is going on in Fight Club and then proving your point with research and supporting evidence/commentary.
Must be third person.

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