English 1302 | Spring 2018
Synopsis of the Task.
Your final project of the term is your documented study: a paper that centers on a question worthy of academic
research related directly or indirectly to a theme or other aspect of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
We have discussed many issues raised by the novel in class; you may jump off from one of those or you may find
something else. Your research paper may be strictly a literary analysis such as the one you wrote for One Hundred
Years of Solitude, but you may also branch out to a topic that may be inspired from the book but not focus on the book
as a primary source.
Format and Length.
The paper should be typed or word-processed, double spaced, and can include headings. For any other questions
about using tables or surveys, use the Purdue OWL as your guide (you can ask me, also). Page numbers are required
for this paper, and should be placed in the upper right hand corner of each page.
The paper will be seven to eight pages ​(double spaced​) long, including an Annotated Bibliography of all sources
used in your paper. ​The research itself should comprise 4-5 pages, and your annotated Bibliography should comprise
the remaining 2-3 pages. Each of these is part of the entire assignment; without them, your final grade will suffer
Documentation and Sources.
Use the documentation system (MLA or APA) that I have assigned you for your topic. You should use a minimum​ of
4 ​reputable, academic​ secondary sources ​(Crime and Punishment cannot count as one as it would be a primary
source). Your annotated bibliography will take the place of your Works Cited/Reference page (you do not need to do
Submission details.
Along with turning in the final draft of your paper in TurnItIn, you are required to turn in a folder with the following
contents on Wednesday, May 9, 9:00am:
1. Copy of planning/outline materials
2. Copy of rough draft
3. Copy of revised draft
4. Copies of pages used from your secondary sources
The final draft of the research paper is due in TurnItIn on Wednesday, May 9, 11:59 pm.
Evaluation Criteria.
1. Is the paper unified around a thesis statement?
2. Is the paper “original” in that it takes an approach to the thesis that has not already been rehashed again and again
in print?
3. Has the investigation been thorough enough to be convincing?
4. Does the paper include research methods suitable to the question it asks?
5. Is the paper substantiated well with documented evidence?
6. Is the documentation (including quoted and paraphrased material) handled smoothly and accurately? Is the
inclusion of other sources handled smoothly and accurately also?
7. Is the style appropriate for an academic audience?
8. Is the paper free of problems in spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation?
9. Is there a complete annotated bibliography accurately constructed at the end of the final draft?
10. Was an oral presentation given that positively reflected the content and quality of the paper?

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