final presatation ppx

5. Final Presentation: 1. Case Study: A real company. Perhaps an audit of how a company functions, covering the elements of the syllabus. This can be a company you know merely research or know personally. 2. Format: 1. 10 Slides 1. 8 slides of “body” content 2. Opener/Cover slide and Concluding/Closing slide 2. Citations & Sourcing References: 1. Style: Whereas most of the course will be online, detailed, specific-destination (as explained above) links are preferred, but APA is by no means discouraged. 2. SIX SOURCES MINIMUM. Human interviews count (Include name, title, date, time, and location) 3. SOURCES CITED ON EACH SLIDE OF BODY 4. NO BIBLIOGRAPHY (though Footnotes or End Notes acceptable).