Final Project Assignment Descriiption I included the full statistics lab assignm

Final Project Assignment Descriiption
I included the full statistics lab assignm

Final Project Assignment Descriiption
I included the full statistics lab assignment for this project in the module labeled
“Final Project – Stats Lab 1”. This is one lab assignment that I would normally give a
full 16 week statistics course. However, given the time constraints in the class you
are not required to analyze any data. I will provide the data for you as a SPSS data
output sheet (see attachment in module labeled “Data Output”). The actual cross-
tabulation output that you will need to interpret data begins on page 9 of the Data
Output sheet. If you notice the output table is divided because the whole table was
too big for the PDF page margins. Please note this and don’t allow it to confuse you!
The data output is a bivariate table (cross-tabulation) that shows correlations
between two variables: 1. Religiosity and 2. Views about abortion. You should
examine the table and then in 1-2 paragraphs answer QUESTION 1 below. Also, as
you can see in QUESTION 1, I ask you to reference 2 scholarly, academic articles in
your descriiption of data. Please be sure to do this because I will use this to count as
a major component in grading. You can use any style that is used in the Criminal
Justice discipline. APA is also fine. Be sure to cite within text and include a
References or Works Cited page, as well.
I am also putting up a few helpful videos on cross-tabulation analysis in SPSS and
the chi-squared test in the Final Presentation module. These are also listed as links
below. You will need to reference the chi-squared test in your write-up and indicate
whether or not this cross-tab analysis and accompanying chi-squared test is
statistically significant. The chi-squared test is testing the following null hypothesis:
There is not a statistically significant relationship between religiosity and agreement
with abortion.
QUESTION 1: What does the table tell you about these two relationships? Use the
percentages, Chi Square, and the measure of association to help you interpret the
tables. Write two paragraphs describing these relationships. You should describe
this relationship by focusing on the percentages in each cell. Do you see a pattern
between categories? Based on the chi-squared test, do we reject null hypothesis or
do we fail to reject the null hypothesis?
Be sure to use at least 2 scholarly citations in your write-up as you discuss the
relationship between the two variables.
Instructional Videos
Running and Interpreting a Crosstabs Analysis in SPSS – YouTube
Cross Tabs with SPSS Tutorial (SPSS Tutorial Video #7) – YouTube
Chi-square test in SPSS + interpretation – YouTube

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