History of Psychology
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Below are 6short-essay questionscovering material assigned for tests 2 and 3(chapters, Each question is worth 8 points. There is an additional short question worth 2 points. This is worth 50% of your final grade. You should strive to answer each question with a 250-word limit.Submit this file with your answers as a word doc to the turnitin link ,with the file saved in the following format: Lastname_Final Test.doc.
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1) Using material from Chapter 6, discuss Darwin’s significance for psychology.
2) According to Layli Phillips (2000), what are the main principles/values of an Afrocentric scholar? Give an example from the career of Kenneth B. Clark that demonstrates one of these values.
4) William James and John Watson had very different views on psychology. Outline what each saw as the appropriate subject matter, methods, and goals of the new science.
5) Gordon Allport asserted that a complete understanding of personality requires both idiographic and nomothetic approaches. Define these two approaches and give an example (from Chapter 12) of work undertaken in each of these two traditions.
6) Although women now outnumber men in most areas of applied psychology, Lillian Gilbreth and LetaHollingworth both experienced professional disadvantages because of their gender. Describe one disadvantage for each of them and how they dealt with it.
7) One of the themes explored in Chapter 16 is whether clinical psychology is more of an art than a science. Pick two pioneers from this chapter and explain how they would respond to this question. Consider the roles of clinical judgment versus empirical data in formulating your response.
SHORT QUESTION (worth 2 points)
Who was your favorite “pioneer of psychology” from this course and why? (max 100 words!)

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