Finance or Accounting

Finance or Accounting
You are to prepare a research proposal in no more than 3,000 words.  The proposal should be made up of the following sections:
* Review of the literature including research questions or hypotheses;
* Statement of your ontological and epistemological assumptions;
* Research strategy including definition of cases or population to be studied and method of selection or sampling of the units that you intend to study;
* Methods of data collection and methods of data analysis; and
* Two appendices.  The first is to include a statement of any ethical issues that you anticipate arising from your research design or an explanation of why you will not experience any ethical issues.  The second should be a tool – such as a questionnaire or interview schedule – for collecting the information that would generate the information to answer your research questions or hypotheses.
Please note that the appendices for ethical consideration and your research instrument are the only additional materials that are permitted.  The content of those two appendices will count towards the 3,000 words limit.  Any other additional materials that are included in the assignment will be disregarded.

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