For this short essay assignment, you’ll be graded on your ability to demonstrate

For this short essay assignment, you’ll be graded on your ability to demonstrate comprehension and critically reflect on the film.
Most students who do their work on time don’t need extra credit. Having said this, it’s a lot easier to get an “A” in this class when you do the extra credit. I’ve seen hundreds of “B” students earn a higher grade because they did the extra credit early on. Just make sure to follow directions and submit on time. They get easier to do the sooner you finish your first one.
Only one attempt per student. I don’t allow for late work when it comes to extra credit – it’s in our Late Work Policy.
B. Literary Essay Guidelines (20 Points)
You are writing a literary/media analysis in the form of an essay. Your essay is worth up to 15 points. It should have all of the following, and up to how many max points you can lose if you don’t add it to your essay:
Up to -2 Points | short intro (2-3 sentences) with highlighted thesis statementLinks to an external site..
Up to -2 Points | proper grammar and free of spelling errors,
Up to -4 Points | use proper citations with timestamps,
Up to -9 Points | based on the assigned media (e.g. film),
Up to -2 Points | apply and highlight a course concept to argue your theme/thesis,
Up to -9 Points | directly address all aspects of the prompt(s).
Up to -2 Points | concise conclusion (2-3 sentences)
C. Media/Literary Analysis
How to use a social lens to watch media
First, it’s important to watch the film carefully with a critical eye. Consider why you’ve been assigned to watch a film and write an analysis. How does this activity fit into the course? Why have you been assigned this particular film? What are you looking for in connection to the course content? Here are some tips on how to watch the clip critically, just as you would an entire film:
Give the clip your undivided attention at least once. Pay close attention to details and make observations that might start leading to bigger questions.
Watch the clip a second time. For this viewing, you will want to focus specifically on those elements of film analysis that your class has focused on, so review your course notes. For example, from whose perspective is this clip shot? What choices help convey that perspective? What is the overall tone, theme, or effect of this clip?
Take notes while you watch for the second time. Notes will help you keep track of what you noticed and when, if you include timestamps in your notes. Timestamps are vital for citing scenes from a film!
D. Media Analysis Prompt
Film: Delano Manongs
Critical Reflection / Media Analysis
In an essay, provide your response to the question(s) or prompts below according to the film. You can also add what you’ve learned thus far about the UFW in readings and lectures as part of your critical analysis.Identify and discuss the power relations during the 1960s in California’s economy and political system.
Discuss the contributions of Filipino Americans in improving farmworker conditions.
Analyze worker participation, labor organizing, and UFW leadership.
Discuss the impact and significance in collective struggle by Filipino and Mexican Americans.
*No external sources. Base your response on the author’s conversation in the assigned book and, as an add-on, you can tie in your own personal experiences, stories, and examples.…

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