For your final essay you will chose one social problem in U.S. society to write about.

For your final essay you will chose one social problem in U.S. society to write about. You can look through our book for ideas. Examples of social problems/issues surrounding society can be:
Sexism in the workplace, politics, or the second shit
Misrepresentation of gender in the media
Racial discrimination in the workplace
Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes in the Media
Religious Discrimination
Racial Profiling
Challenges facing the elderly; Ageism
Challenges in Family
Issues in Education
Problems with the Environment (Climate Change, Pollution)
Influence of the mass media on children
Include the following in your essay:
1) The topic you have chosen and an explanation as to why it deserves attention.
2) Use one of the following social theories/perspectives to help explain this social problem; conflict theory, functionalism, symbolic interactionism, or feminist theory.
3) How you think this topic is changing and the direction you believe it is moving toward.
4) What do you think are the causes and reasons of this problem?
5) And what is being done to fix this social issue or problem?
You can choose from this list or look in our textbook for a topic that you would like to know more about. Your essay should be 3-4 pages, in APA format summarizing your research.
While all parts of your essay require you to respond in your own words, it is important to substantiate your argument with at least three academic sources, with one reference from your book. These sources can include academic articles from the library, websites, and online newspaper or reputable magazine articles.

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