FULL GUIDELINE IN ATTACHMENTS The Department of Justice is interested in findin

The Department of Justice is interested in finding ways to improve health and wellness among police officers. They want to know if providing mandatory mental health counseling will reduce stress among officers. They are willing to provide $ 400,00 to fund a pilot a project in Massachusetts (where no departments currently have mandatory counseling requirement) to determine if police departments with mandatory mental health service requirements for all officers have lower levels of officer stress than departments with voluntary services.
The research proposal will be approximately 10-12 pages of well-written and well-organized text and will address the following aspects of a proposed research project:
1. Proposal Topic and Literature Review: (5-6 page limit) Identify the issue or problem, present the research question, importance and literature review. (30%)
2. Key Concepts: Describe the key concepts (IV and DV) involved and how they will be operationalized (measured) in the proposed research approach. (10%)
3. Design: (3 pages) Explain the research design (classic experiment, quasi-experiment,etc). Include: target population and proposed sampling design; a data collection strategy (survey, interview, administrative data); discuss data collection concerns (type and quality, strengths and limitations) and the rationale for the proposed approach; provide example(s) of data collection instrument (survey, questionnaire, coding instrument,etc. ) (35%)
4. Plan: Describe a proposed analytic plan (how are you going to examine the data to answer your questions – will you make group and time comparisons?) (10%)
5. Implications: Discuss the implications of possible findings. (10%)
6. Resources: Discuss the resource needs: how the research should be staffed, the cost implications and the likely research timetable. (5%)

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