General Psychology

Here is your first and only BIG writing assignment. Submit the assignment by clicking on the Submit button and paste a doc. or docx into the box. You may also submit text, but you need to make sure that if it is from a document in another format that you re-format it in Canvas in the box.
This assignment is part of your final grade and is one aspect of your final.  The second component of your Final which will also include a formal exam. You are required to write a 3 page paper on a research topic in the field of psychology of your choice.  Start this project NOW. The three pages do not include the title or reference pages.You are reviewing three articles for your paper. It is similar to a book report, but it requires specific formatting in the style of a Literature Review. I include this as part of your final because it requires of you to understand the principles of research to complete.  I am very happy to support your research of any topic in the field of psychology for this paper. You choose the topic.  You can use Wikipedia but not as one of your three sources. You may also use a website if it is not included as one of your primary resources. A primary resource is what your paper is based upon.
This paper is not an opinion paper. This is a report of research findings already discovered.
Please keep the writing style in the third person. This means refrain from using personal pronouns( I, you, he, she, we, me, my, them) by sticking with (one finds, researchers reveal, it has been found, research demonstrates that) what is called the passive voice or third person.
Here are some broad topics that you can start with and then hone in on specific ideas based upon research articles you come up with.
1. Behavioral Treatments for Autism
2. Procrastination
3. Love and Attraction
4. Helping Behavior
5. Bystander Effect
6. Weather and Pace of Life
7. Hazing and Cognitive Dissonance
8. Memory Enhancement
You will write your paper and submit it as file (doc,docx).
First View this Video! Cut and paste the URL into your search engine box.
The paper will be written in APA format, 3-4 pages double spaced. You can access a handout on APA formatting on the CR library Homepage.
OWLS (Online Writing Resources) at Purdue and Diana are  good on-line sources for help with formatting. Please look at the following page for a good example of an APA paper.
(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
At least 3 sources need to be utilized including one book (this can be an eBook).
No abstract needed for your papers!  You are not writing about a study you conducted so you do not need to include statistical analyses. However, please follow the general guidelines of the example paper.  For this paper (in the style of a Literature Review,)you will be required to include a:
Title Page;
Introduction to the Topic
Why the topic is important (covered in your introduction)
What the problem is (also covered in your introduction)
Subheadings that relate to the topic
What you found about your topic
What you think your findings mean and what type of future research should be investigated
Reference Page
(This will list your 3 resource articles)
This project including the outline and paper is worth 60 points.Papers will be graded on:
Content- 5 points
The paper needs to adequately explain the topic and the research that was utilized in the discussion. Student needs to be able to analyze the research, read and synthesize the
research in the writing of the paper.
Documentation of sources-5
points In text citations must be utilized according to APA format. A reference page also needs
to be included fully citing the verifiable sources.
Utilization of APA format-10 points
APA format needs to be utilized in the setup of the paper including a title page,utilization of a running head, in text citations by author and date, 12 font, double space,
format of reference paper.
Spelling and Grammar–10 points
One point will be deducted for each spelling and grammar mistake. Please edit carefully.
Credibility of sources–10 points
Sources of information utilized for this paper must be academic ones found through library databases. Sources should be verifiable and documented by an author and/or
organization. Peer reviewed sources will be helpful for you to use in your research.
Organization of information-10 points
The paper needs to be well organized in regards to paragraph structure, sentence structure and overall organization of paper.
Research-10 points
You must utilize the College of the Redwoods library to locate references.  This is EASY.
1. First go to the CR Homepage
2. Then go to Academics
3. Click on Library
4. Click on Find Resources
5. Click on Data Bases
6. Click on “P” Psychology and Behavior Sciences
7. Enter your Student ID
8. Open up Psychology and a search engine will appear, But don’t start!! ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Or go to the hyplerlink:).
A. First, click on Advanced Search B.and then click on the box indicating Peer Reviewed Articles and C. another box that indicates Full Text.
9. Then type in your search terms and articles should come up for you. If they do not, then check your search terms, or pick a new topic and try again. Research is Fun!!

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