Global Trafficking of women and children

The outline must be as follows:
Pg. 1-4: Describe: what the issue is, who is doing what that makes this a crisis, who is suffering, how is this crisis being dealt with currently, what are specific countries’ governments doing about this?
Pg. 5-8: Explain: why this crisis is happening, why are those responsible for this crisis doing what they are doing, why are certain countries responding the way they have?
Pg. 9-12: Predict: If this situation is left to continue as is, what consequences do you predict are going to occur? Back up predictions with other “experts? arguments to support your claims. i.e. politicians, political scientists.
Pg: 13-15:Prescribe: Provide a recommendation/solution to deal with this situation. Should be related to predicition. Prescribe actions to make prediction from coming true (prediction should be bad). Prescribe solution should be good to help avoid prediction from coming true.

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