Choose a topic below and write a three page essay:
Emotion: Explain the two stage argument establishing that the following claims about emotions are false: (a) emotions are feelings and (b) there are no criteria of emotional evaluation, and your estimation of the plausibility of these two claims. Then, support an affirmative or negative answer to the question “Would I be better off without emotions?”, and support a claim about the specific value of emotions for a negative answer or support a claim about the specific deficiency of emotions for an affirmative answer.
Happiness: Answer the two thought experiments ‘the direction of happiness’ and ‘the experience machine’ and support specific conclusions about the nature of happiness based on your answers. Then consider a theory of happiness that opposes your conclusions, and whether you can identify problems with the opposing views. Then, assuming that achieving happiness as you define it is an important end, aim or purpose in life, what specific actions or decisions would serve as good means to its attainment and which would not.
The Logic Of Happiness: Construct two counterexamples to my Logic of Happiness . Then, compare my view to Daniel Heybron’s “emotional state” theory of happiness, and explain whether the counterexamples to my view also work as objections to his emotional state theory, and whether his theory is subject to any separate objections. Then, formulate what you take to be a plausible theory of happiness that avoids the objections you have considered.

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