Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in China

Final paper should answer what, when, where, who, how, and why questions.  To answer these questions clearly, you need to research the topic as thoroughly as you can. You also need to explore your topic with the following requirements in mind:
Topic:  Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in China
Explore the topic within business and economic context. For example, you may discuss the impact of Chinese exchange rate policy on U.S. corporations; how Chinese firms apply “Art of War” as part of business strategies and how American firms shall respond; and how cultural differences influence business negotiations, etc.
Explore the topic from the U.S. business/economic perspective is required. The topic is about China, but the purpose is to explore how these unique Chinese characters affect US MNCs and dynamics of global business.
Do present your own argument(s)/statement(s), and use fact and statistics to support your argument(s)/statement(s). Do not make extreme statements/assumptions without statistical supports.
Write professionally. Please seek help from the graduate writing center if needed.
The final project should be professional in both substance and appearance.
About reference: please always cite other people’s work MLA.
If you find something on the internet, make sure it is of reputable source, for example, business journals like the WSJ and Forbes and various government sites, and make sure you cite the sources.
Update your sources: China in 2018 is very different from China in 2010. Please pay attention to the dates of publication or postings you find. Publication before 2005 is not acceptable unless it is of significant historical value.
The final project is conducted by an individual student. It should include 10-15 pages of text (excluding titles, appendices, and endnotes), double space, 12 fonts.

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