Hello, I need help in editing an answer for some questions: Question 1 (25 marks

Hello, I need help in editing an answer for some questions:
Question 1 (25 marks

Hello, I need help in editing an answer for some questions:
Question 1 (25 marks total)
Anthony (1992) champions the importance of having a “recovery vision” in which consumers, family members, and direct service workers open themselves to a person’s potential. This vision calls for the mental health system to discard the old belief that mental illness is a chronic disease that leads to a deleterious course. Nationally known consumer advocate, Patricia Deegan and William Anthony, have proposed the concept of “recovery is a non-linear process”. Recovery involves a progression towards growth and there are also periods of multiple setbacks, periods of rapid change or little change (Anthony, 1993; Deegan, 1988).
(a) Discuss the meaning of “recovery is a non-linear process” by applying the operational framework of recovery.
(15 marks)
(b) Describe the concept of recovery to the family of a person who has recently been diagnosed with a mental illness.
(10 marks)
Question 2 (35 marks total)
Pearly has just been discharged from her first hospitalization at National University Hospital Psychiatric Ward. She was hospitalized for two months, and because of her time away from her job, her contract was terminated. She lives in a small rental apartment and needs to manage to pay for the rental and other expenses. Although she has her family staying nearby, she does not want to go to them for money. Furthermore, she has difficulties of getting employed due to COVID-19 situation. Her job applications were rejected by many organizations that were reluctant in hiring or freezing hiring altogether. She has no savings and worries over her financial situation.
(a) Supported employment is one of the most well-defined evidence-based practices. Applying the basic principle of “Benefits Counselling is Provided”, develop and detail a plan with Pearly to help her make well-informed decisions regarding financial assistance and/or other government benefits.
(15 marks)
(b) Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) offers a wide range of services in meeting the needs and goals of service recipients. Summarise research evidence that ACT brought better results for service consumers’ recovery compared to standard community mental health service. Applying ACT intervention, propose THREE (3) primarily types of services: treatment, rehabilitation, and support and direct assistance to help Pearly in her changing needs.
(20 marks)

Question 3 (40 marks total)
You are a social worker working with persons with mental health condition at COMIT Singapore (A SINGAPORE MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY SERVICE TEAM) Marilyn, a member of your agency, has been receiving case management services for the last 5 years. Recently she has completed a peer support specialist programme and become a certified peer support specialist. She then got the offer of a one-year contract as a peer specialist in a day rehabilitation centre. You are assigned to develop a job description for Marilyn and facilitate supervision for her.
(a) Applying the peer specialist good practices and quality service, propose a job description for Marylyn in your agency. The proposal should illustrate the well- designed job plan with logical explanation of connection with peer specialist practice. In the job description, it should include THREE (3) categorizations: (i) Education and Engagement, (ii) Community Integration and (iii) Self-Advocacy.
(20 marks)
(b) On the 3rd month of her contract, Marilyn has already used up 7 days of medical leave. As the day goes by, Marilyn has experienced a loss of self-esteem and feelings of becoming more incompetent. She is concerned now how to get out of these feelings and also worried of losing her job.
As her social worker, appraise your intervention: how to eradicate self-stigma and sustain her employment based on analysing Marilyn’s situation.
(20 marks)

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