hello the have two question have instruction you should do it like instruction

hello the have two question have instruction you should do it like instruction

hello the have two question have instruction you should do it like instruction
The first question is ( professional assignment ) and second question is case study
First question : I attached the book relate to case study Starbucks Foreign Direct Investment the have instruction you shouid do it like instruction
Read Closing Case Starbucks Foreign Direct Investment on page 268 of your textbook. Then, develop a Powerpoint slide. There are many lively, free templates on PowerPoint, so select one that reflects your new plan best. Presentations should not be less than five minutes and should not exceed seven minutes.
Why do you think Starbucks decided to enter the Japanese market via a joint venture with a Japanese company? What lessons can be drawn from this?
What drove Starbucks to shift from a joint venture strategy in China to run the operation through a wholly owned subsidiary? What are the benefits here? What are the potential risks and costs? Do you think this was the correct decision?
The instruction related to first question
Performance Indicators
(Observation descriptors indicating extent to which criterion is met.)


20% of overall grade
The presentation was very easy to follow.

20% of overall grade
The student clearly demonstrated the topic in-depth and presented his/her information convincingly. Was able to answer all questions about topic.

20% of overall grade
Gave audience ample time to absorb information on visual; Spoke to the audience, not the screen; Visuals greatly enhanced presentation.

20% of overall grade
Uses a variety of sources in reaching accurate and detailed conclusions that solidify premise.

20% of overall grade
Poised, clear articulation; proper volume; steady rate; good posture; enthusiasm.

Second question related to case study I attached the book unit 8 you can answer question by the book and important point is to answer it from reference text book only I attached related to unit 8
Hello I am working in case study you
1-should answer it by three slides pages power point file
2-only this reference you can use text book (12e Global Business Today Charles W. L. Hill) attached the book
3-answer question you should put number pages the used behind each line you write the page number from the book textbook only….((12e Global Business Today Charles W. L. Hill)
4-give me separate file like summery paragraph about the all answer
Question of case study question two
•Why Foreign Direct Investment? continued Limitations of Licensing.
Internalization theory (or market imperfections approach):
Licensing could result in a firm’s giving away valuable technological know-how to a potential foreign competitor.
Licensing does not give a firm the tight control over manufacturing, marketing, and strategy in a foreign country that may be required to maximize its profitability.
Licensing may be difficult if the firm’s competitive advantage is not amenable to it.

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