Hi! So if you see the pdf of the rubric, it will explain the requirements. 2 sho

Hi! So if you see the pdf of the rubric, it will explain the requirements. 2 short essays each 2-3 pages based on the attached books. I added points that help with the topics:
essay 1:
Historical and Religious Claims: Both sides claim ancient religious and historical rights to the land, creating fundamental disputes over sovereignty.
Colonial Legacies and Political Decisions: The borders and nations shaped by colonial powers, especially post-World War II, have left lasting impacts on regional dynamics.
Displacement and Refugees: The displacement of Palestinians during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War created a significant refugee issue that fuels ongoing grievances.
Territorial Occupation and Settlements: Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and settlement expansion since 1967 intensify territorial disputes and hinder peace efforts.
Political and Leadership Divides: Divided leadership within both Israeli and Palestinian communities complicates negotiations and diminishes opportunities for peace.
International Influence and Interventions: External political and military support affects the strategies and resilience of both parties, often exacerbating the conflict.
essay 2
Political Authoritarianism: The dominance of authoritarian regimes limits political freedom and discourages reforms.
Economic Dependency: Over-reliance on oil revenues prevents economic diversification and stability.
Education and Unemployment: Outdated educational systems do not meet the needs of modern economies, contributing to high youth unemployment.
Social and Cultural Factors: Cultural resistance to change, including gender inequality, hampers societal and economic progress.
External Political Influences: Foreign interventions and geopolitical dynamics destabilize regions and divert resources from development.

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