Hi thank you would like to take my work.my topic is:Opium production and consumption in canada.

Hi thank you would like to take my work.my topic is:Opium production and consumption in canada. This paper need1750—2000 words and Chicago style. it needat least four recent academic secondary sourcesthat provide. and i already find three good for this topic so please help me check the others correctly.
What I need:
1W. L. Mackenzie King C.M.G. Deputy Minister of Labour on the need for the suppression of the opium traffic in Canada.
2 Chinks Pay Heavily for ‘Hitting Pipe’: The Perception and Enforcement of Canada’s New Drug Laws in Rural and Northern British Columbia 1908-30 by Yvan prkachin
3 Chineseopiumtradeand manufacture in British Columbia 1858-1908.Lai David Chuenyan
Academic sources:
Books or articles written by historian after 1985
Books published by a university press and peer-reviewed articles
Articles should be at least 15 pages long
Articles and books must have footnotes or otherwise reference all evidence to specific resources
Qualisies of a Good essay:
Critical analysis
Clear arguement and organization
Strong evidence
Footnotes and bibiography
Good writing style
In the end because i am an international student. i dont need the sectence too difficult or complex. I hope you can use the specific words and clear structure to write this essay. Thanks.

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