HNSC 4211 Advanced Nutrition 1

HNSC 4211 Advanced Nutrition 1
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Instructor: Amy Marcinkiewicz
Epigenetics Assignment
Overview: The epigenetics assignment is mandatory for all students and worth 10 points in
the course grade. Each student will select one article of interest on epigenetics as the
basis for their report. The article must be unique (no repeats) and approved by the
instructor. A brief report, 3-5 pages, including a summary of the article and your individual
reactions and thoughts, will be submitted via SafeAssign on Blackboard. Also required is a
brief presentation to the class, about 5 minutes, in a round-table setting, followed by class
discussion. At least two different dates for submitting the report and presenting during the
second half of the semester will be offered.
1) Selecting an Article: Select an article of interest on epigenetics as the basis for your
report. It must be a peer-reviewed journal article, and its focus should be on epigenetics.
If you choose a primary research article (original research such as a laboratory experiment,
clinical trial, etc.), please make sure the data is not extremely complicated. If you choose
a review article (literature review), please make sure that there is at least a substantial
section on epigenetics with details, and the article shouldn’t be overly broad (e.g., mental
health is too broad but dementia or anxiety would be more specific and therefore better).
You are strongly encouraged to conduct your search using PubMed. A brief demonstration
was given by the instructor and an advanced lesson was provided by the librarian during
class time.
Once you have obtained the full text and have lightly read the article that you want to use,
please submit it to the instructor for approval, either by email or in person during office
hours. As long as it meets the criteria and is not being covered by another student, it
should be approved.
2) Summary and Reaction Report: Write a brief report, 3-5 pages, including a summary of
the article that you selected and your individual thoughts and reactions. This report will
be submitted to SafeAssign on Blackboard for plagiarism detection. You should submit a
draft, check your plagiarism report, fix any potential issues, and then submit your final
version. The instructor will download your report from Blackboard, so no hard copy is
needed. Your final report should be submitted before your scheduled presentation to the
Please do not dismiss the “thoughts and reactions” part of this project, as this is an
extremely important component of the learning process and your grade. Your thoughts and
reactions should be clear and focused with a discrete paragraph for each. Some ideas
would be what this implies about the cause of a health condition, how it could be treated
moving forward, any ethical issues, etc. Each topic and article is unique, so this section
should be tailored specifically to yours.
3) Written Outline and Presentation: You should select one of the presentation date
options in advance. Outline your report using bullet points – no complete sentences! This
will serve as your talking points for the presentation. Describe what the article was about
and provide your thoughts and reactions. Plan to talk for ~5 minutes. The presentations
will be given in a more informal, round-table setting conducive to discussion.
On presentation day, please bring two copies of your written outline and two copies of your
article so that both you and the instructor have them. Your report does not need to be
printed out, and you are not allowed to use it during the presentation!
Class Behavior and Consideration: Every student who is not presenting should be listening
and taking notes and will be expected to contribute to the discussion. Any student who is
disruptive during another student’s presentation will lose up to 2 points from their own
presentation grade. This includes entering or exiting the room during a presentation. If
you arrive during a presentation, you are expected to wait in the hallway until the student
is finished. If you need to leave the room, please do so between presentations.
References: Your sole reference is the article that you have selected. The complete
reference (APA style preferred) must be included at the top of your report and outline. It
is also reasonable to use your class materials to provide context and enhance
understanding. Additional references should not be used unless approved in advance, and
then they must be cited appropriately.
Academity Integrity: Please remember that everything must be written in your own words
in this class and that quotations are not permitted. This is clearly stated on the syllabus,
along with the policies on academic integrity and how instances of plagiarism/cheating will
be handled.
Submission: Your final report must be submitted to SafeAssign on Blackboard before your
presentation. On the day that you are schedule to present, please bring to class TWO
copies of your outline and article – one to submit and one to use for the presentation.

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