how sephora was “marketed” by writing a report on its target market and how a particular marketing mix element (Promotion) was applied

This essay will be about the promotion of Sephora. you will examine how sephora was “marketed” by writing a report on its target market and how a particular marketing mix element (Promotion) was applied. The main focus of the paper should be on the planning and strategies that were undertaken.
Examples of other paper titles: “marvel cinematic universe: promotion campaigns”. The paper must cover the identification and analysis of the target market (promotion) for the brand (sephora) needs several sources, no less than 3 Essay Format: a) title page b) table of contents c) introduction d) Brand (sephora)/SBU’s target market e) analysis of a selected marketing mix element (promotion in this case) of brand (sephora)/SBU g) conclusion h) appendices (include research sources, any secondary data information/articles, etc) Format: typewritten, double-spaced, 12 point font, times new roman/arial, either apa or mla formatting are acceptable Paper pointers: suggested areas of focus promotional message. promotion objectives (to inform, to persuade, or to remind). Promotion methods used to reach target customers – nature and types (personal/mass selling/sales promotion/ PR – show evidence of them, if possible), strategies deployed, importance of integrated marketing communications (IMC), frequency and promotion budget and overall promotion effectiveness. organizational set up for promotion. use of digital marketing: social media marketing, technology (blogs, podcasting, search engine marketing, online videos, etc.). critical success factors in promotion decisions.
project pointers for conclusion and appendices: conclusion: quick summary or concluding remarks on the manner in which that product/brand was marketed and/or on its deployment of this marketing mix strategy. appendices: include research sources, secondary data information/articles, or any other relevant supporting materials. sources of information: internet, business periodicals (business week, wall street journal, forbes, etc.) information published by the marketers of the brand, consumer, or marketing research studies